Amish Homestead and One-Room School

The Amish Country Homestead is a reflection of our commitment to accurately and sensitively portray the Old Order Amish as they live and work in today’s world. We like to think of the Homestead as the home of the fictional Amish family of Daniel and Lizzie Fisher, whom you get to know on screen in the Amish Experience Theater’s “Jacob’s Choice.” Inside the Homestead, you learn of Amish traditions and practices, plain clothing and life without electricity from the grid. The Fisher One-Room School is attached to the house and filled with authentic desks and furnishings from an actual Amish school. You’ll learn the tradition of teaching eight grades in one room. achschool2From the pantry stocked full of freshly canned vegetables to the family’s plain clothes… from propane-powered lamps to air-compressor driven appliances…the Amish Country Homestead truly provides insights into the complex riddles of a culture so very different from your own.


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